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Purchase alongside the Print & Play digital versions (Champions or Powers) and receive a $5 discount!

Each Deck of Delvers contains a unique roster of 55 tarot-sized NPC cards for your DnD 5e games. Each card features a bio, role play cues, and a plot hook to help GMs tie characters to their games and endear them to their players. An even mix of species and homelands from the Beast World ensures you’ll find a compelling NPC for every session.

Each deck contains:

  • 55 unique characters
  • Stat-block cards, ranging from CR 1 to CR 17
  • Story-driven, table, or magic item cards
  • Easy-to-use “how to play” bullet points and plot hooks for each character


Both the Champions and Powers decks contain a distinct roster  of NPCs to use with The Delver’s Guide to Beast World (and beyond!), and each character is illustrated by a different artist from around the furry community. The decks do not have any specific themes but rather provide a wide and robust range of different characters – purchase both decks together to get 110 total NPCs!

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Champions, Powers, 2-Deck Combo

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