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Purchase alongside a physical Deck of Delvers and receive a $5 discount!

The Deck of Delvers contains 55 tarot-sized NPC cards for your DnD 5e games. Each card features a bio, role play cues, and a plot hook to help GMs tie characters to their games and endear them to their players. An even mix of species and homelands from the Beast World ensures you’ll find a compelling NPC for every session.

The deck contains:

  • 55 unique characters
  • 36 stat-block cards, ranging from CR 1 to CR 16
  • 19 story-driven, table, or magic item cards
  • Easy-to-use “how to play” and plot hooks for each character

Both the Champions and Powers decks contain a distinct roster of cards, each with a different artist from around the furry community! The decks do not have any specific themes but rather provide a wide and robust range of different characters. Get both at once for a discount!

Upon purchase, you will receive a code to claim and download the deck via itch.io. The decks offered here are in their digital format, immediately ready for print and play!

Looking for the physical decks?

You can find our pre-printed, tarot-sized, matte cardstock cards for purchase right here!

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