Pathpost Dungeon Scout Kit



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A new entrance to the Dungeon has opened up, and your crew has received the lead. A town in danger, beset by a religious order of clockwork knights. Animated, malicious flora that take the form of the deceased attack a hamlet. Wagons race across a stormy, dangerous landscape. A vast, ominous sphere in the desert heralds the death of an immortal being.

Written as a companion to The Delver’s Guide to Beast World, this 5th Edition collection of 6 different dungeon delves covers level ranges from 3 to 17, easily dropped into any campaign or used as the spark of a new one! Different writers and artists lend their creativity to each adventure, with each lasting between one and three sessions (depending on how long your crew meanders about checking every inch of the wall for secret buttons).

Each lead includes a folded parchment and wax seal containing a variety of paper props to hand directly to your players.

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