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Leaving Erin: A Beast World Story

Four friends leave their small town behind for the adventure of the Dungeon. Join the ‘van, make friends, fight monsters, get loot!

Leaving Erin is a starter adventure for four players from level 3 to 4. It serves as introduction to The Beast World, the Dungeon, The Littfeld Caravan, and much more.

Interactive Beast World Map

Cropped screenshot of the Beast World in the original artist's fantasized cartography style. Many clickable items are indicated marking areas of interest including cities, forests, rivers, islands and more. One is clicked for the screenshot with a popup for Baritte; which describes the barony capital city including it's pronunciation and some facts about the region.

Gaiety, an awesome designer from our Discord server, designed an interactive map of the Beast World! You can check it out here:

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