Adventure Bundle

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A Beast World Bundle deal offering the Pathpost Dungeon Scout Kit and GM Screen!

The Pathpost Dungeon Scout Kit includes a softcover booklet containing 6 mini-adventures: Dungeon leads to present to players with plot hooks, stat blocks, maps, props, and everything else you’ll need to run them! Includes adhesive wax seals for maximum immersion. Each adventure is written and illustrated by a different writer and artist!

This 3-Panel GM Screen has a beautiful illustration by Anastasia Danilova (@LordCheeese) depicting a caravan investigating a brand new entrance to the Dungeon. On the reverse is a collection of useful quick references for a GM, including the most common 5e rules, plus references for wagon rules and mobile combat.

Purchase alongside the digital version of the Pathpost Dungeon Scout Kit and receive a $10 discount!
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