artist references

A ton of our favorite artists have contributed to the Deck of Delvers. Here’s how to find them!

Character: Ahkrin
Character: Alma
Character: Anders Ericson
Character: Aodh Tine
Character: Arabella Blenheim Cavalier
Character: Asterion Calemus
Character: Aurelio
Character: Barnaby Galugarin
Character: Brûlée
Character: Cassandra Kento
Character: Chernyava Heartleaf
Character: Coiriel Bannon
Character: Coszcatl Ixchel
Character: Daggothus
Character: Dalmas the Bold
Character: Derick Souza
Character: Dob Whisker
Character: Doctor Machin
Character: Elanora
Character: Eldrana Bexley
Character: Gabriella Stringstrummer
Character: Headhunter
Character: Heath Moonclaw
Character: Heleh


Character: Jhansi, the Dragonhunter
Character: Justine
Character: Kaedenath
Character: Khaldun Talab Aleilm
Character: Khonsu
Character: Kosack
Character: Leah Nealia
Character: Liam Ulric
Character: Lucia
Character: Lyraleth Morgenstern
Character: Mana L. Bruen
Character: Markesh
Character: Maxilios Linx
Character: Mirikit
Character: Nessann Moonlove
Character: Rance “Rancid” Cidral
Character: Rashaah
Character: Rehema
Character: Ricardo “Redhand” Dauber
Character: Rodrick Richardson
Character: Sandra Biscuit
Character: Sepfy Ennui
Character: Sharpshooter Berrak
Character: Shay Mossbrook
Character: Snær the Spirited
Character: Starweaver
Character: Telluran
Character: Tristos “Tris” Alvous
Character: Violet
Character: Zald Fenrir
Character: Aago Dbois
Character: Agatha
Character: Aka’kali


Character: Alyona
Character: Alyx Callaway
Character: Amihan
Character: Azuré
Character: Baron Desperaux
Character: Bengges Hauser
Character: C.C. Vladislov
Character: C.J.
Character: Captain “Maney” Jack
Character: Cillian Brock
Character: Eia
Character: Elias Loamlutter
Character: Elina Sundstrom
Character: Emlianno “Emmy” Clemente
Character: Equinox
Character: Friendly Renato
Character: Gin Yeager
Character: Giules Cabbaneri
Character: Hannah
Character: Hazel Skyfoot
Character: Hex
Character: Honro Eise
Character: Ixrin
Character: Jenna Arness
Character: Kintran Valgrige
Character: Kite, of Winds and Wastes
Character: Kobby
Character: Kori Wavestrider
Character: Krerc
Character: Kuka Tusi
Character: Liekos
Character: Maddison Hart
Character: Mary Goldrunner
Character: Mauro


Character: Mihari
Character: Mila Vok
Character: Murmund Sulison
Character: Ned O’Reilly
Character: Niari Ze’ev
Character: Oliver Hayes
Character: Olivia
Character: Orin
Character: Pox
Character: Rashana
Character: Riza
Character: Rosalie
Character: Rriarla Valepaw
Character: Sam the Giantslayer
Character: Sanaa
Character: Seda the Echo
Character: Solus
Character: Tadgh McFadden