Foundry VTT – The Delver’s Guide to Beast World



The Beast World comes to Foundry Virtual Tabletop!

This module requires the Foundry Virtual Tabletop program.

Compatible with Foundry’s brand new 3.0.0 D&D5e module, this set comes with everything you need to run adventures in the Beast World, featuring:

  • 33 species options, and the dozens upon dozens of accompanying Homeland features
  • 12 subclasses, along with new spells and companion stat blocks
  • Our in-depth ruleset for mobile combat and wagon rules, ready to go in Foundry
  • 3 wagon models and custom wagon character sheets, with spaces to plan out your wagon’s layout and lists of components and attachments
  • The monsters, spells, magic items, and maps for the Beast World, filling a massive compendium and reference journal
Don’t have the book itself yet?

Upon purchase, you will receive a code to claim the module via, which includes the Foundry key plus the full PDF of The Delver’s Guide to Beast World. Simply copy the URL into your browser after purchase to redeem your purchase! The Foundry key must then be redeemed via Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Deck of Delvers for Foundry

The Deck of Delvers Champions for Foundry VTT is an add-on for Beast World campaigns or any Foundry 5e campaign! With 55 NPCs in each deck, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect NPC for your crew to adopt.

Deck of Delvers: Champions

Deck of Delvers: Powers

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