Foundry VTT – Deck of Delvers: Champions



Deck of Delvers: Champions for Foundry VTT

This module requires the Foundry Virtual Tabletop program.

The Deck of Delvers: Champions for Foundry VTT is an add-on for Beast World campaigns or any Foundry 5e campaign! With 55 distinct characters, each illustrated by a different artist, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect NPC for your crew to adopt!

  • 55 unique characters
  • 37 stat-block NPCs, ranging from CR 1 to CR 17
  • 18 story-driven, table, or magic item NPCs
  • Easy-to-use “how to play” and plot hooks for each character
  • Tokens and unique artwork for every card

Upon purchase, you will receive a code to claim the module via, which includes the Foundry key plus the Print & Play PDF of the Deck of Delvers: Champions. Simply copy the URL into your browser after purchase to redeem your purchase!

The Delver’s Guide to Beast World on Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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