The Delver’s Guide: Special Edition



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This version of The Delver’s Guide to Beast World features a unique faux-leather, gold debossed cover!

The Dungeon has spread out underneath the Beast World, and intrepid delving crews seek it out for treasure and adventure. Choose a model of delver wagon for your character to live and work in, customize it with components and fittings to keep your crew safe in tough situations, and live a life on the road with a caravan of adventurers! As your crew grows, your wagon gains powerful new abilities too! The Delver’s Guide Beast World is a 404-page campaign setting and expansion compatible with all 5e games.

• Full rules for wagon vehicle encounters and customization
• 12 new subclasses
• 32 new race options, split into Species, each with distinct Homeland options
• Magic items, spells, and more!

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